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Sven’s Log: Nightstone

Dear Diary,

Tragedy has struck in Nightstone. My companions and I are safe, but I am certain now that Roth sent me here to do her work and bring the people of Nightstone justice.

When we arrived at dusk, I knew something was wrong. The church bell was ringing incessantly, and no guards manned the open drawbridge. Worried for the safety of the townspeople, I hurried in to help but found only vile wargs in the town center. Luckily, it seems all of my companions are competent fighters, and we dispatched the foul beasts quickly.

Searching for answers, I rushed into the church belfry. Instead of townsfolk, I found only foul goblins. The glory of Roth flowed through me in that moment, and her holy power punished them for their trespass. One goblin remained unslain, and surely this was by Roth’s design. The reformed criminal, Thalo, was able to converse with it in the creature’s own foul tongue. Doubtless he learned the language in his former life as a ne’er-do-well, but luckily it has helped us now, as we learned much from the evil creature. It seems the town was attacked by cloud giants, raining boulders and terror from the skies on the innocent villagers. After wreaking their havok, the giants seem to have stolen the town’s centerpiece, some mystical obelisk. The goblin claimed that the townspeople moved to the hills in the north, where the goblins encountered them. The town is damaged, but free of corpses, so we must take the creature at his word. The pitiful thing was bleeding out after our interrogation, and so Mal finally put it out of its misery.

We continued our sweep of the town, clearing out more goblins who seemed to wish to take the village over now that it is unguarded. We secured a workhorse and a pony, and met a woman who had barricaded herself at the Inn. Kella saw the giants attack as she approached the town in a caravan from Waterdeep, and claims she was knocked unconscious by the debris. Teju is convinced she is a member of the Zhentarim, and believes that group has some dark purpose. Upon reflection, I must agree that her story does not add up – surely she was not the only person injured in the attack, yet every villager and the rest of her caravan seem to have escaped, presumably bringing the injured with them. She claims the goblins trapped her, yet she handles a crossbow well. She has treated us with fairness and respect, however, and so for now we must extend her the benefit of the doubt. Yet if Teju is correct, and she betrays us, Roth’s fury shall surely find her.

In our sweep of the town, we secured another goblin captive, who confirmed that the townfolk entered the goblin caves when they fled. He was less bloodied that the first one, and Thalo seems intent on keeping him as a bargaining chip. The creatures are evil, but dim and easily manipulated. If we can bribe him, he may prove a valuable guide as we head north to the caves.

Despite heavy structural damage to the bridge, we made it to the bailey and discovered some guards there. We were able to help them move the castle’s great table to the bridge, and use it as a makeshift fix so they are free to escape. I believe they wish to stay and safeguard the town against further incursions. Hopefully they can secure the village, as I plan to find the townsfolk and return them to their home here. Tonight we will rest, now that the goblins are routed, and tomorrow I believe we shall set forth to aid the villagers, who are almost certainly now captives of in the goblin caves. May Roth protect them.


PS: I want to name the horse Clover. I hope everyone agrees!

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