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Sven’s Log: Traveling Companions

Dear Diary,

Roth teaches us that it is only through reflection that we can grow in wisdom, so I have started this journal of my travels in the hopes that it may help me become more worthy of Her grace.

The journey from Waterdeep to Nightstone should be peaceable – I have met some adventurers heading there as well, who have agreed to be my traveling companions. So far, they have all rebuffed my attempts at jest and camaraderie, but I have learned a little about them.

The youngest, Teju, is still a child of 16. I have never seen another human like him – his skin is ashen and his hair gray. He almost looks half-drow, but has none of their other traits. He has been the most open with me, and seems like an honorable young man. He confided that he is seeking help for his smithing village, suffering from a blight on their metal source. I hope Nightstone holds the cure he seeks.

The shortest is a halfling woman, Kithri. She seems vivacious, but has shared little with me. She did mention that she’s used to the blustering of others since she has a large family – how lucky to be blessed with many loved ones!

The largest is Malzannis, a half-orc. He’s even taller than me! He seems melancholy, and wears no armor to hide the scars on his shoulder and across his chest. I dare not ask what happened, but surely he is suffering. I pray that Roth’s justice finds those who have wronged him.

The strangest member of my companions is Thelonius. I have not yet seen his face, for he goes hooded even at night around our fire. Yet he has confessed to us that he is a criminal, set on reforming his ways! He hopes to protect those who would be targets of criminals by turning his old skills to protective knowledge. I am so pleased to hear it.

Nightstone is only one more day’s travel away, we hope to arrive by nightfall tomorrow. I shall write my next entry from the comfort of the Nightstone Inn, with ale in my belly and a soft bed to sleep in.

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