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A new story

I’ve just started a new D&D campaign, playing Storm King’s Thunder. I’m acting as our Chronicler for the campaign, which basically just involves being in charge of session notes. Since I’m on that anyway, I thought it would be fun to transform my notes into a mini-story: Sven’s Log.

I wanted to try a class I’ve never played in D&D before, so I built a cleric for this game. And given the title of the adventure (I never read spoilers but I’m guessing there’s a Storm Giant involved) I thought it fitting to choose the Tempest domain. Enter Sven – my human cleric. I don’t want to give away too much in this meta-post, but let’s just say he’s got plenty of Wis but not much Int, and he’s started a journal which you can read here.

We’ve already completed our first session, but we’re still in the thick of things in-game. I’ll post another journal entry after our next session, hopefully by then Sven will have had a long rest and a chance to record his experiences.

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